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The divinatory meanings also veer between stock requirements and some unusual (however not outrageous) departures from routine analyses, specifically in the fit of Feathers/Swords. This is a three colour deck fine black line work on a velvety background, with highlights in French-blue ink. The artwork itself is quite minimalist, basic yet total images.

Cat Tarot Deck Review – TarotpistBleu Cat Tarot (with cards): Beth Seilonen: 9780764345531: Books

Bleu Cat Tarot - Twisting the LeafDeck Creators Panel – Denver Tarot Convention

They are printed on light-weight card stock that is not versatile. The front of the cards are matt and very lightly textured, and the back is smooth however not slippery. Did you see this? manage and shuffle well. The style on the back, a framework of four felines, is totally reversible. The Bleu Feline Tarot is beautifully presented, so common of Schiffer Books tarot decks.

It pulls open with a blue satin ribbon loop and is held shut with (hidden) magnetic clasps. Satin ribbon 'hinges' keeps the lid from tumbling open. This little box consists of both the cards and manual; it is designed to slip easily into a handbag or knapsack. This box set is made to travel.

The 3-Minute Rule for Review Bộ Tarot Bleu Cat Tarot chính hãng Rẻ 2022

It includes an introduction in which the artist describes the origins of this deck, it then moves through the Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, Spreads, and Conclusion. There is a description of the scene on each card as seen through a cat's perceptions of the world. The analyses are basically basic with an ever so a little feline twist.

The 2 four-card spreads included have been developed particularly for the Bleu Feline Tarot - Watching Out My Window, an option oriented spread; and Serving Truth - a self-awareness spread. This is among those tarot decks that has abandoned the rulebook and produced a new deck with terrific success.

new decks – CatMysticBleu Cat Tarot - Twisting the Leaf

The Bleu Cat Tarot is a deck that you will have to find out instead of impose standard analyses upon. For a knowledgeable reader this will not be tough as it is not an excessively intricate deck. The Bleu Feline Tarot is highly distinctive, light-hearted, guileless, carefully amusing, and utterly charming.

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